Wing restoration underway for B-29 Doc

Wing_May13Volunteers have been working to restore the wing and outboard wing tips.

Restoration work on the B-29 known as Doc continues to move forward as volunteers work to install the outboard wing tips and other wing components.

Richard Moore from Click Bond, Inc. visited the Doc hangar in Wichita to donate his company’s help and supplies for Doc. During his visit, he demonstrated to volunteers how to use and install the Click Bond product so of course, we put him to work. He installed the support attachments for the wing navigation wiring and also signed up as a Doc volunteer.

Volunteers are sharing in the excitement of rebuilding the historic aircraft.

“I am extremely excited to become involved with Doc’s final push toward airworthiness and flight, it is an honor to be a part and see this amazing piece of history return to the skies,” said John Foster, a new volunteer.

“I believe it is important for young people to see the airplane and to know its history and purpose, and to learn about the legacy of the great men and women who built, maintained and flew these airplanes…this is just awesome!”

Volunteers like Foster have been sharing the workload and their stories with each other throughout the restoration project. Everyone involved in the project agrees that sharing these stories and experiences is a big reason to see the project through to completion.

“The opportunity to touch, work on, interact with the equipment, personnel, skill sets and tools from a former generation is inspiring to me,” Foster said.

Click HERE to view photos of the wing restoration work.