INSIDE DOC: Click Bond fasteners help restore history (VIDEO)

When you set out to restore a B-29 built 70+ years ago, you quickly realize you need to surround the project with those who are dedicated and committed to the cause. Since the restoration of B-29 Doc began more than 16 years ago, dozens of suppliers and vendors have worked with the restoration team, offering their time, talents, expertise and technology.

Click Bond was contacted in 2006 by Doc’s restoration team to inquire about using Click Bond fasteners to help restore the historic warbird.

“Our company has donated over 3,000 of our adhesive bonded fasteners , and many enjoyable volunteer hours installing our parts on Doc over the past few years,” said Click Bond Midwest Regional Sales Manager and Doc Volunteer Richard Moore. “When the opportunity came to be a part of this historic restoration effort, we didn’t have to think twice. To see Doc take to the sky gives our entire company such great pleasure. Working with the Doc’s Friends volunteers will be a memory for me and my Click Bond colleagues that will last a lifetime.”

Click here to watch a video produced by Click Bond showcasing their involvement in Doc’s restoration.