Doc’s Friends Receives FAA Approval for Passenger Flights

Doc’s Friends, Inc., announced it has been granted approval by the Federal Aviation Administration an exemption to offer passenger flights on B-29 Doc. The FAA granted the group’s request for exemption and Doc’s Living History Flight Experience (LHFE) program, which clears the way for ticket sales to begin for rides on the historic warbird.

The first ride flights offered by Doc’s Friends for B-29 Doc will be next week in Madison, WI at Heavy Bombers Weekend, July 20-22. Each B-29 Doc Flight Experience will last approximately 90 minutes and include a 30-minute ride. Prior to takeoff, passengers will experience a crew briefing and learn more about the history of the B-29 and the role it played in U.S. history. Passengers will also get to hear and see the sights and sounds of engine starts and run-ups prior to takeoff.

“Doc’s mission of honoring those who served our nation, educating future generations and connecting people to Wichita’s historic role in our nation’s aviation industry becomes even more real with the B-29 Doc Flight Experience ride program. It also allows us to fund the overall operation of the historic aircraft and ensure its sustainability for generations to come,” Wells said.

Additional dates will soon be added for the B-29 Doc Flight Experience, including ride weekends in Wichita and at other airshows throughout the remainder of the flying season.

To book a flight or receive more information about the B-29 Doc Flight Experience, visit

Get Involved!

Meanwhile, we still need your help to carry out our mission. So far, we have raised $5.2 million for the B-29 Doc Hangar and Education Center that we are building at Eisenhower National Airport in Wichita. While we are confident we have enough money to start and finish construction on the building, we still need to raise the last $1.5 million to help us ensure the facility has the tooling, furnishings and gear to be a world-class facility to help us educate and connect future generations to the history of the B-29 Superfortress and its important role in our nation’s history.

One of the most unique ways you can get involved is by purchasing a personalized brick or paver that will be installed in the front courtyard area of the B-29 Doc Hangar and Education Center. CLICK HERE to purchase your brick or paver today!


  • John Heller says:

    Yea! It’s about time that is equal to Fifi! I think the most of them and think it’s great that they are getting equal to each other. Hopefully when Doc is in St. Louis this August, I’ll be able to get a ride.

  • Tony Schilling says:

    Any plans to take it on tour, like FIFI?

    • Leonard F. Shaner, Jr. says:

      The Doc was at the World War Two Air Show this year at Reading, PA.

    • R Troy says:

      I heard that Doc visited Reading PA recently. Oddly I didn’t hear that from the Doc emails, which went away for several months before starting back up again a few weeks ago. I did hear it from one of the team that escorts FIFI around the US when FIFI was on Long Island several days ago. Love to see Doc come here, to American Air Power Museum at Republic Airport – which as you might gather, is a museum filled mostly with operable warplanes, most from WW2. FIFI got a good reception here – again.

      At any rate, watching and listening to a B29 firing up its engines 100 feet away is very impressive – seeing it flying, taking off and landing even more so! Special thanks to those responsible for both planes, and even more so to CAF for the help they provided for getting Doc flying.

  • Ray Watters says:

    I know the many volunteers that got Doc off China Lake will be thrilled to see her when she comes to the Indian Wells Valley!

  • Harold Besch says:

    DuPage Airport in West Chicago, IL. 30 miles west of Chicago. All the other restored warbirds, including FIFI have been there on display. I’m sure many people in the Chicagoland area and surrounding counties would love to see Doc. Please come!!!!

  • Lt. Colonel Howard Butcher says:

    Great! Have been waiting for this DOC hope you can get in on a tour to the So. Cal/ West Coast locations. As a former B-52 Radar Navigator (bombardier) and navigator, it’s really a treat to see
    our former heavy bombers still in the air!!!

  • john joseph jusko says:

    When it comes to historical airplanes we need to keep doc flying as much as possible in the airshows all around our nation.

  • Congratulations Doc’s Friends for getting the approval for PAX flights! Best of luck with your project and always Happy Landings!
    Peter Burgauer, Super Constellation Flyers Association Switzerland

  • IAN HINKS says:

    Great news and very nice pricing. Will there be longer flights on offer, say 1 hour. The Canadian Warplane Heritage Lancaster VeRA flights last this long and pricing is comparable when averaged out on flight time. Now to start planning a trip to see you from the UK.

  • Byron Larson says:

    Will Doc becoming to Lewis McCord Tacoma Wa?

  • Brett Scheidel says:

    Hopefully you can come to Northern California in the future.

  • Ed Whitson says:

    I used to see two B-29s at China Lake, don’t know if “Doc” was one. I was probably eight or nine years old at the time and an old guy now at seventy-two. Been on “FIFI”, looking forward to a ride on “Doc” when available. EWIIII